The Intelligent Insurance Solution

Competitive Advantages

The Trust offers many competitive advantages for brokers and members. Perhaps the most important advantage is that the Trust is a consistent, stable, competitive market for some of the most difficult types of risks in the workers’ compensation industry.

The following advantages are applicable to all Trust accounts:

  • Payroll for each employee, officer, owner or LLC member is capped at a maximum of $75,000 at audit
  • Clerical (8810) payroll is always separated from the governing class code
  • Eligible to qualify for premium returns
  • Employer Liability Limits of $2,500,000

Additional Advantages for Specific Groups:

Nursing Homes (8829):

Homes that do provide some short term care (patient stay of less than 30 days) automatically qualify to have 20% of the 8829 payrolls coded under Trust code 8829S. Code 8829S is approximately half the rate of code 8829.

Assisted Living Centers (8828):

This code is unique to the Trust and is used solely on ALC’s with very minimal needs for patient handling. The rate for the code is very competitive and subject to underwriting approval.

Visiting Nurse Associations (8835)

Visiting nurse associations that administer medications to clients, automatically qualify for the Trust code of 8835M. This allows 10% of the 8835 payrolls to be assigned to code 8835M, which is half the rate of code 8835.

Sheltered Workshop Employees

Some schools, rehabilitation centers and/or group homes may have situations where their clients are also paid employees of the insured’s facility or an outside employer. Often times the outside employer will require the insured to provide workers’ compensation coverage for these workers. The Trust developed the Sheltered Workshop Employees code of 9101A for these types of situations