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Self-Insured Clients


Workers’ Compensation Trust Services has been involved in workers’ compensation management since 1981. The Workers’ Compensation Trust, formerly the Connecticut Healthcare Workers’ Compensation Trust is a employer mutual association of over 400 members representing over 60,000 healthcare workers in the state of Connecticut. In addition to our own claims, the Trust provides third party administrative service to self-insured municipalities, hospitals and other companies, which represents an additional 15,000 employees.

The primary purpose and operating philosophy of the Trust is to reduce the workers’ compensation costs of its clients. This is accomplished through aggressive claims administration, effective loss control services, and efficient managed care techniques.

The Trust utilizes a case management system, which provides continuous aggressive monitoring and review of each individual claim. Each case is professionally managed by the claims adjuster by coordinating the efforts of all the key players: the injured worker, employer, case manager, physician, rehab nurse, legal counsel, and the Workers’ Compensation Commission. Numerous managed care, cost containment and statutory controls are in place to keep claims expenses to a minimum, while providing quality medical care and timely payments to the injured worker.


A unique feature of the Trust is that we are specialists in Connecticut claims. Unlike other TPA’s who are required to handle claims in multi-states, our adjusters are experts in our own state. Another unique feature is that the Trust provides all the claims administration, managed care and loss control services with the use of our own staff, all from our Wallingford location. The Trust strongly believes in developing and utilizing our own in-house resources in the establishment of a quality claims, managed care and loss control service company. We are licensed by the State of Connecticut to provide claims services. We are also licensed by the State to provide utilization review services - another unique feature of our program. Our state-approved Medical Care Plan includes a statewide network of physicians who have the ability to provide quality medical care and understand the value of returning people to work.

In addition, the Trust provides customized loss control services that focus on prevention and have a positive impact on loss experience.

The best way to utilize our services is as a package, but they can be unbundled as well. We feel strongly that by early intervention with our program we can:

  • Reduce the cost of medical and indemnity expenses
  • Improve the quality of medical care
  • Reduce the cost of litigation
  • Control medical referrals
  • Reduce disability duration
  • Control unnecessary treatment
  • Design effective loss control programs that meet the needs of the individual client

Our diverse staff brings many years of workers’ compensation management experience from a variety of sources. We have managers with significant experience in human resources, labor relations, nursing, occupational safety and health, and disability management. We are well versed in the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Act, including the Longshore Harbor Workers’ Compensation and Heart and Hypertension sections, and are multi-jurisdictional.

We are particularly well suited to administering all facets of a large self-insured.

The Trust’s depth of experience handling Heart & Hypertension (7-433C) resides in its claim personnel, all of whom are career workers’ compensation claims professionals. Our staff has many years of combined experience in the intricacies and complexities of heart and hypertension claims. As the largest provider of workers’ compensation management and managed care service to the healthcare industry in the state of Connecticut, we are will versed in occupational disease claims, having handled more than most large insurance carriers.

In addition to our claims adjusters, we have four full-time registered nurses who provide case management and utilization review. Our loss control staff consists of seven full-time employees and many independent consultants who specialize in their own area of expertise.

The Trust operates from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. In an effort to maximize early reporting, a toll-free telephone number is available in order for injuries to be reported on a 24-hour basis. A nurse is also available 24 hours per day to assess catastrophic injuries should they occur.