The Intelligent Insurance Solution


The Trust welcomes submissions from all licensed insurance brokers and agents. The Trust provides worker's compensation coverage in the state of Connecticut and currently insures approximately 60,000 healthcare and human services employees. Trust members can include the following:

  • Ambulance Companies
  • Assisted Living Centers
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers
  • Healthcare Staffing Agencies
  • Home Health Agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Group Homes
  • Laboratories
  • Medical Services
  • Nursing Homes
  • Patient Transport Companies (healthcare)
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Retirement Living Centers
  • Schools for the Challenged
  • Social Programs (healthcare)
  • Visiting Nurse Services

Injured workers receive exceptional care under the Trust's Managed Care Program which utilizes our own statewide, comprehensive medical network. This program includes many custom features that significantly reduce medical costs and lost work time. 

The Trust markets its products and services through insurance brokers and agents. Applications and supporting loss information are sent directly to the Trust and premium quotations are turned around quickly. Please see How to Obtain a Quote for further information.

The Trust offers some unique advantages not available from standard market carriers including:

  • specialized rates and unique class codes 
  • payrolls for each employee, office and owner capped at $75,000 maximum at audit
  • premium returns to members 

For a more complete listing of these benefits see Benefits to Members

Accounts can select direct billing or enroll in the “Pay As You Go” program which bills earned premium as payroll is incurred. Policies may be quoted on either a commission or net basis. Commissions are forwarded to the broker or agent as premiums are received.


Focusing only on the healthcare industry allows the Trust to deliver exceptional Claim Administration and Loss Control Services to its members. Our staff understands the specific needs of healthcare employers and the varying physical and emotional demands placed on healthcare employees. Our "Hands On" approach gives us greater insight to effectively reduce losses and help members keep costs under control. In addition, Trust members receive a multitude of educational programs free of charge. These programs are listed in our annual Education Calendar.  

With more than $24,000,000 in premium returns given back to members, the Trust prides itself in a strong financial performance over its 34 year history and we take the financial protection of our members very seriously. Numerous safeguards are in place to protect members, such as specific excess insurance, a capital fund, and a conservative investment strategy. For additional information click the Protection for Members tab. 

 A "High Performance Broker Program" is also available to qualifying brokers and agents. Marketing material is available upon request. For additional information, contact either: 

Nathan Shippee, Vice President, Sales & Marketing 
Tele: 203-678-0110 Fax: 203-678-0310 E-mail: 


Pat Cramer, Account Executive 
Tele: 203-678-0112 Fax: 203-678-0312 E-mail: