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Payroll Audits

All Trust policies are audited at the end of the policy term, at which time the Trust sends each member an audit preparation kit containing a cover letter, instructions, all necessary worksheets and class code descriptions to properly prepare the audit information in advance of the auditor's visit. To request a copy of the audit preparation kit please contact: [email protected]

Per the Trust by laws (Article VII, Section 3), members agree to cooperate with the Trust to complete the audit no later than 60 days following policy expiration. A final audit worksheet will be sent after completion of the audit. An invoice will be mailed if there is additional premium due. If the audit results in a return premium, the return premium will first be applied to any outstanding balances on the member's account and any remaining amount will mailed in a check to the member. If there are no outstanding balances, a check for the full return premium amount will be mailed to the member.

A member may request the audit detail worksheets by emailing [email protected]

Audit detail worksheets cannot be released to brokers without written authorization from the member.