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Partnering with Relias Brings Benefits to Trust Members

Partnering with Relias Brings Benefits to Trust Members

The Workers’ Compensation Trust is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Relias, a leading healthcare software solutions company. Relias provides specialized staff training and development across the continuum of care. With over 10,000 clients, 7,000+ unique training courses and over 47 million courses completed, Relias is the industry leader in Healthcare and Social Service education.

Relias offers comprehensive online training libraries that meet regulatory requirements as well as staff development needs from the convenience of a single learning management platform. This simplifies the delivery, tracking and reporting for all staff learning. 

In addition, Relias offers personnel assessments and other tools to help an employer understand what areas need improvement, personalize learning for knowledge and skills development, and empower high reliability across an  organization.

Relias Health & Safety Suite

The Workers’ Compensation Trust is pleased to offer the Relias Health and Safety Suite to Trust members through Trust University. This no-cost program, available to our members, provides valuable benefits to support your training and compliance needs.

Other Training Libraries from Relias

Relias offers many libraries which provide for specific training and CEs for your credentialed staff.  Most courses meet the requirements of organizations such as CARF, COA, JCAHO, & DSS. Some of the core training libraries that are available include: 


Post-Acute & Senior Care

Assisted Living

Skilled Nursing and Long Term Care

Home Care and Home Health Care

Hospice & Palliative Care

Rehabilitation Therapy


Behavioral Health

Mental Health

Addiction and Substance Misuse

Children, Youth and Families

Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities and ABA

Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

Special Education & Schools


Acute & Ambulatory Care

Hospitals & Health Systems

Payers & Health Plans

Community & Rural Health


Additional Industries

Public Safety


For Trust members who do not currently contract with Relias, these members will be eligible for a 20% discount when the Relias Learning Management System and a training library is purchased. Be sure to mention you are a member of the Trust for the discount.


For Trust members who are current customers of Relias, please reach out to your assigned Relias Manager and mention you are a member of the Trust, as you near the end of your existing contract to see if there is an available discount.

 You can also combine your current Relias libraries with those offered to you by the Trust through the use of a subportal. Subportals are a great option for Trust members who utilize Relias within their own organization because it allows learners to log in to one portal to access both libraries, rather than having to log in to two separate portals to access each library of courses. Let us know if you are interested in utilizing a subportal for your organization!