The Intelligent Insurance Solution

Benefits to Members

The Trust is an employer Mutual Association formed in 1981 for the benefit of, and dedicated solely to, the Connecticut healthcare and human service industries.  We currently have over 440 current members.  

  • Aggressive pricing and discounting model provides a high-value program
  • The Trust has declared over $50 million in premium returns to members
  • Payroll capped at $75,000 per employee for pricing advantages
  • $2,500,000 Employer Liability limits vs $500,000 limit provided by most carriers
  • Specialized rates for short-term care facilities, assisted living centers, visiting nurse programs and sheltered workshop employees
  • Fully-integrated services. All in one convenient Connecticut location:
    • Claims Administration
    • Loss Control
    • Managed Care
  • Early intervention by our experienced claim and nursing staff lays the foundation for aggressive, cost-effective workers' compensation claims management
  • State-approved Medical Care Plan includes proprietary network of medical providers and specialists
  • Medical Cost Containment Program includes:
    • Utilization Review
    • Nurse Case Management
    • Pharmaceutical PPO
    • Medical bill review/hospital bill review
  • Innovative loss control programs customized to your needs with experienced loss control staff to assist members in controlling workers compensation losses, by identifying workplace hazards and providing specific loss control services to address these hazards.
  • On-line access to claims information
  • Claims reporting 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • Financial stability through a spread of risk in a growing multiple-employer pool dedicated to the healthcare industry