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When an employee is injured at work, the injured workers should contact the supervisor immediately and the supervisor, along with the employee, should call


The supervisor will need to provide some information to report the injury and then will be asked to leave the room, so the nurse can speak privately to the injured worker. The nurse will then assess the injury and recommend the appropriate level of medical care needed at that time:

  1. If the recommendation is to seek medical care, the employee will be directed to a First Treatment Center chosen by the employer.  If the First Treatment Center is not open at the time, another appropriate referral will be made.
  2. If the recommendation is that the injured worker can safely return to work, the nurse will provide first aid self-care instructions which can be faxed or emailed to the employee.   
At the conclusion of the call, the nurse will speak with the supervisor again to explain any recommendations. A toll free number that can be accessed 24 hours a day, will also be given to the injured worker should the symptoms change or worsen. 
After an injury is reported: Trust TeleCare will email an incident report to the member’s claim contact and to the Trust Claims Department. Once a claim has been reported to Trust TeleCare, there is no need for the member to complete a First Report of Injury.


If the supervisor is not on site: The injured worker should call Trust TeleCare directly if there is an injury and the supervisor is not available.  This will allow appropriate advice and guidance to the injured worker while also having the injury reported in a timely manner.   


If the injured worker is not available or no longer needs care because the injury was reported after the fact: The supervisor should still report the incident to Trust TeleCare.

For Trust TeleCare printed materials or to view the "Bob And The Box" video, click here.  If you need to report a claim to Trust TeleCare, call (866) 730-1143.