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In response to the abuses in the workers’ compensation system, the Trust has adopted a vigorous program to help combat fraud. The goal of the program is to actively prosecute those cases in which there exists not only a good faith belief that fraudulent activity has taken place, but also where this conduct can clearly be demonstrated. The Trust believes that one of the best ways to address workers’ compensation fraud is through civil and criminal prosecution. What to do if you suspect a fellow co-worker is committing fraud while collecting workers’ compensation benefits:

What to do if you suspect fraud:

  • Call the Trust’s Fraud Hotline toll free at 1-800-559-3739 or complete our online form by clicking below:


  • Provide as much detailed information as possible – Who, What, Where, When and How
  • Caller does not need to leave their name. All information will be held in the strictest of confidence and will be thoroughly investigated

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