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Provider Directory

As the Trust has an approved Medical Care Plan, under provisions of Section 31-279(2) of the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Act, all employees injured on the job must obtain medical treatment within the medical provider network or risk being ineligible for Connecticut Workers’ Compensation benefits, subject to the Workers’ Compensation Commissioner.

The directory identifies all medical providers participating in the Workers’ Compensation Trust network. These providers include the following specialties:

 First Treatment Centers
 Physical Therapists
 Chiropractors
 Neurologists
 Neurosurgeons
 Orthopedists
 Physical Medicine and Rehab
 Surgeons, Hand
 Pain Management


If the physician you need to see is in a specialty that is not covered by the Plan, you have the right to choose and treat with any Connecticut physician in that particular specialty. To view the Provider Directory, it can always be found on our home page under "Quick Links". 


Any questions should be directed to:

Brian Downs
Vice President, Quality & Provider Relations