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Injured Worker Responsibilities

In the unfortunate event that you have a work related injury or illness:

  • Promptly report your injury/illness to your supervisor.
  • Complete and return all forms sent to you by your claims representative. These forms are necessary to investigate your claim and help determine what, if any, benefits you may be entitled to as result of your injury/illness.
  • As an insured member of the Trust, your organization participates in a State of Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission approved Medical Care Plan. This means that if you require non-emergency medical care, your supervisor will make certain that you receive prompt medical treatment through a designated First Treatment Center. After initial treatment, if treatment with a specialist is necessary, the Plan covers providers in the following specialties: Chiropractic, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Physical Medicine & Rehab, Physical Therapy, Hand Surgery and Pain Management. If the physician you need to see is in a specialty that is not covered by the Plan, you have the right to choose and treat with any Connecticut physician in that particular specialty. Please contact your claims representative and they will assist you in making arrangements to obtain treatment from a physician in that specialty. However, for all specialties covered by this Plan, you MUST seek treatment from one of the physicians listed in the directory.
    Note - If you seek medical treatment from a provider not listed in the directory for a specialty covered by the plan, we are not required to pay for that medical treatment and you risk losing your right to receive workers’ compensation benefits and payment for medical treatment, subject to the order of the Workers’ Compensation Commissioner.
  • Keep your medical appointments and provide all updated medical and return-to-work information to your assigned claims representative, as well as to your employer.
  • Assist in developing your return-to-work plan. Stay in contact with your employer. If your treating physician releases you to return-to-work with restrictions, you should immediately advise your employer and your claims representative. The claims representative will work with your employer to make every effort to accommodate you even if it is in an alternative assignment until you are able to return to your regular job.
  • Contact your claims representative with any specific questions you may have concerning your claim.