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Employee Rights and Employer Responsibilities

Employer Responsibility Once a Medical Care Plan is Established

As the employer, you have the responsibility to inform your employees that--if they are injured--they must seek treatment from the network or risk losing entitlement to workers compensation benefits.

The first step is to select a First Treatment Center for employees to receive prompt and effective medical treatment.

A good working relationship between the employer and the First Treatment Center goes a long way in facilitating the return-to-work process. Do not hesitate to communicate regularly with your First Treatment Center. You should expect a call and a mailing of the employee's work capacity status every time the employee is seen.

You then need to educate your employees of their rights and responsibilities under a Medical Care Plan through distribution of the Employee Instructions. This can be done via one-on-one discussions, meetings where the instructions are part of the written agenda and attendance is kept, or payroll stuffers. You should also incorporate the instructions into you new employee orientation. You are encouraged to have your employees sign that they have received and understand the instructions (click here to see a sample Employee Rights & Responsibilities Form).

A copy of the Employee Instructions MUST be posted in the workplace.