The Intelligent Insurance Solution

On Demand Educational Webinars

These educational webinars are for WC Trust Members and Clients only.  If you are not a current member or client, you are prohibited from viewing these webinars. 

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COVID-19 Webinars:

  • Employment Ramifications of COVID-19
  • Managing Stress and Promoting Wellness During COVID-19

OSHA Safety Series:

  • Basic Electrical and LockOut/TagOut
  • Best Practices in Workplace Violence Prevention 
  • CONN-OSHA's Consultative Services and SHARP Program 
  • Emergency Planning, Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans and Fire Protection
  • Emergency Planning - People with Disabilities
  • Occupational Noise 
  • OSHA's Severe Injury Reporting 
  • Preparing for an OSHA Inspection
  • Preventing OSHA COVID-19 Complaints and Citations
  • Top OSHA Citations

Safety Webinars:

  • All Hazards Planning
  • Employer Responsibilities To Protect Temporary Workers
  • Good Housekeeping Practices Lead to Reduced Injuries
  • Hurricane Preparedness 
  • Office Ergonomics Simplified
  • Protect Your Workers from Combustible and Flammable Liquids
  • Safety Solutions: Active Shooter Preparedness 
  • Safety Solutions: Defensive Driving Techniques 
  • Safety Solutions: Fleet Safety 
  • Safety Solutions for Facilities and Maintenance Teams
  • Safety Solutions: Making Your Safe Patient Handling Program More Effective 
  • Safety Solutions: Mindfulness In The Workplace 
  • Safety Solutions: Preventing Heat Stress
  • Safety Solutions: Preventing Manual Material Handling Injuries
  • Safety Solutions: Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls
  • Safety Solutions: Safe Patient Handling for Caregivers 
  • Safety Solutions: Safe Winter Driving 
  • Safety Solutions: Safety In The Kitchen 
  • Safety Solutions: Severe Weather Preparedness
  • Safety Solutions: Spring Into Safety 
  • Safety Solutions: The Homecare Environment 
  • Safety Solutions: The Important Role of the Safety Committee Chairperson 
  • Safety Solutions: Working Safely with Hand and Power Tools
  • See Something, Say Something 
  • Tabletop Exercises for Emergency Planning 
  • Trust Discounted Vendors and Free Safety Resources 
  • Using Ladders Safely
  • Working From Home Safely
  • Workstation Ergonomics: Train-The-Trainer

Safety Workshop Series:

  • Safety Workshop Series: Part 1- Hazard Assessment 
  • Safety Workshop Series: Part 2 - Respiratory Protection 
  • Safety Workshop Series: Part 3 - Personal Protective Equipment and Hazard Communications
  • Safety Workshop Series: Part 4 - BBP - Ensuring Your Program Is Compliant

Human Resource Webinars:

  • Achieving Better Claim Outcomes
  • Connecticut's Paid Family Leave: What You Need To Know
  • Connecticut Sexual Harassment Prevention 2-Hour Video
  • CT's Paid Family Leave Begins January 1st - Are You Prepared?
  • How To Create An Effective Return To Work Program
  • Navigating the Relationship Between Paid and Unpaid FMLA
  • Navigating the Trust Website
  • OSHA Recordkeeping: Intermediate
  • OSHA Recordkeeping: The Basics 
  • Recreational Marijuana and Vaccination Exemption Requirements 
  • Trust TeleCare: A Critical Component to Reducing WC Costs

Risk Management:

  • Risk Management Series: Part 1- Safety Program Overview Essentials
  • Risk Management Series: Part 2 - Self-Auditing Your Safety Program 
  • Risk Management Series: Part 3 - Enhancing Your Safety Culture 
  • Risk Management Series: Part 4 - Using Leading Indicators to Achieve Better Claim Outcomes
  • Risk Management Series: Part 5 - Total Worker Health®
  • Risk Management Series: Part 6 - Improving Your Accident Investigation Program

Introduction to Safety Management Systems:

  • Introduction to Safety Management Systems: Part 1
  • Introduction to Safety Management Systems: Part 2 
  • Introduction to Safety Management Systems: Part 3