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Claim Updates for Members and Brokers

Over the past year, the Trust has made a number of security changes to further protect sensitive information shared outside of the Trust. This change has resulted in some report viewing limitations of injured workers’ file notes and reports previously available to those members and brokers who have online access. In an ongoing effort to improve claim status communication among all our stakeholders, while ensuring certain privacy concerns are protected, the Trust has implemented a new claim file note called “UPDATE” which will be accessible to those members and brokers who are registered for online access.

The new claim file note provides a brief and timely update that either describes an actionable event by the claims adjuster in effectively managing the claim, or provides updated information concerning the injured worker’s medical and/or work status. Claim adjusters have been instructed when to provide a claim file “UPDATE” note and claim managers are monitoring frequency and content of claim update file notes as part of the Trust’s overall claims management quality assurance program. We encourage all members and brokers to review claim “UPDATE” online first to see if it answers your question prior to contacting our claims adjusters for additional information.