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Do You Want to Benchmark Your Organization Against Others?

Annually the Trust provides our members and clients with DART* (Days Away, Restricted or Transfered) and Incidence** Rate data to assist your organization with establishing injury reduction benchmarks and to understand how your organization compares to like organizations in CT. The rates are computed using OSHA 300A data. OSHA also uses the DART Rates obtained through the electronic reporting requirement to identify organizations with high DART Rates which may result in OSHA inspections or inquiries. The information provided by the Trust will help you determine if your organization does have a high DART Rate and thus be better prepared for a potential OSHA inspection.  

Information was emailed to members in February.  If you are interested in participating in this voluntary survey or have questions, please contact . Data is due to the Trust by March 31, 2022. All requested information can be obtained from the OSHA Form 300A, which you completed and posted for the 2021 calendar year. All the fields on the form need to be completed in order to provide you with your DART and Incidence Rate information. A confidential summary report will be sent to all participating organizations via email in June 2022.  You may also access the loss recording form on our website 

To provide information, we request that you complete the form electronically, as we are no longer mailing out paper forms. Your timely response to this request for information is greatly appreciated. The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2022.

Should you have any questions, please contact Carol Fronczek at (203) 678-0161 or 

*   DART Rate = Total number of injuries and illnesses with lost time, restricted, or job transfer x 200,000 / Employee hours worked
**  Incidence Rate: Total number of injuries and illnesses x 200,000 / Employee hours worked