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Safety & Health Committee Award of Excellence

The Trust is looking to recognize members whose Safety Committees play a vital role in the safety efforts of the organization


This award will be granted to Trust member Safety Committees that best demonstrates passion, enthusiasm, and a commitment to Best Practices that result in reduction of losses, and/or change employee behavior.

To apply, click here.

Application deadline is September 14, 2018

Mandatory information to be submitted with the application:
♦ Roster with names and titles
♦ Minutes from the last two Safety Committee meetings - with supporting agendas

Winners will be announced on October 19, 2018

 Eligibility Criteria

 Committee in place for each location with 25+ employees or a central committee approved by the WCC
 The committee(s) meet at least quarterly
 An agenda is followed, minutes are maintained and reviewed
 Committee attendance provides a good representation of the departments and locations
 Attendance to meetings appropriate and members freely offer safety suggestions
 Agenda items focus on employee work related safety concerns
 Where applicable site safety inspections are discussed or completed by the committee with corrective actions

 Committee is involved with Accident Investigation process/review
 Dedicated time allocated for discussion on Workplace Violence concerns
 Reduction of losses tied into the actions of the committee

In addition the committee may:

 Engage all employee in the development/maintenance of a safety culture
 Have a dedicated Safety Month or Safety Campaign
 Recognize members for their contribution(s) while serving on the committee
 Create a program to encourage safe employee behavior; i.e. Safety Fair, Wellness Program, etc.
 Chaired by an employee rather than senior management
 Be empowered to make decisions
 Distribute minutes and information to all employees