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Safety Solutions: Mindfulness In the Workplace

Cost: Free to Members and Self-Insured Clients

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The “mindset” of all employees in relationship to the environment and those they care for or come in contact with plays a critical role in the organization’s goal of preventing injuries and incidents. This webinar educational session taught by Trust staff will provide attendees with information to help eliminate “mental absenteeism” and “habitual inattentiveness” with the goal of reducing and eliminating workplace injuries.

Workplace mindfulness looks to build and promote a culture of safety by keeping everyone safe by what is happening and anticipating potential injury risk. Collective mindfulness is safe work culture, shared responsibility and soup to nuts accountability; at all levels in the organization.

This program will increase insight into the work environment and how employees physically engage with the environment and the individuals served. The presenter will introduce Mindfulness, Situational Awareness and how both relate to reducing the spectrum of work associated injuries including patient handling, client interaction, struck by, environment caused and the infamous slip, trip and fall injuries, all loss leaders for Trust members. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to develop insight into typical root causes
  • How to combat activity Inattentiveness and Habituation
  • How to anticipate what comes next, or could come next and ways to see what is about to happen
  • How to develop attentiveness and mindful presence
  • How slowing down interaction increases safety mindset
  • How to model a mindful safety culture by taking a walk

Supervisors, managers, team leaders and employees who are responsible for direct care of individuals.

Robb D. Wright, OTR/L, Return To Work Specialist, Managed Care Manager, Workers’ Compensation Trust