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Trust TeleCare - A Critical Component To Reduce WC Costs

Cost: Free to Members and Self-Insured Clients

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Having a timely and effective response plan in place to manage an employee injury can be the difference between a claim that causes minimal disruption to the injured worker and your organization and one that causes a major issue that could have been avoided.

As a responsible employer, maintaining a safe and productive work environment for your employees is critical to the overall success of your organization.  But no matter how alert management may be to workplace risks, accidents and injuries can occur.

Trust TeleCare is a free tele-triage service offered by the Trust which provides a simple and effective way for members to address the challenge of reporting and managing work related injuries. 

Since 2017, Trust members have placed over 7,000 calls of which 49% of the calls have resulted in self-care which does not create a claim or require the event to be OSHA recordable as well as a 30-40% reduction in Medical Only claims experienced by Trust members.

Join us to learn more about this free resource and how it will benefit your organization including your employees. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn about Trust TeleCare and the many benefits it will provide your organization
  • Understand the process and how it works
  • Learn how to integrate TeleCare into the accident investigation process
  • Learn how to rollout the program using the Trust 's assistance

Operations managers, supervisors, and Human Resources, anyone responsible for reporting and investigating workers’ compensation claims

Donna Santamaria, MS, Senior Loss Control Consultant, Workers' Compensation Trust