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October is Fire Prevention Month!

Cost: Free to Members and Self-Insured Clients

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Fire is such a pervasive and wide-ranging hazard with the potential to affect any of us, this day/week/month. This webinar is a great opportunity for us to remind ourselves of the importance of fire prevention, increase our individual and staff’s awareness of the potential hazards, and re-commit to making Fire Safety an integral part of our everyday operations. 

We’ll review the history of the awareness week/month, including several events that have shaped our fire safety awareness, explore the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) website and resources, and conclude with a review of the OSHA standards in place to help us address this exposure. This webinar will help to assure your controls and programs are in top shape to protect your company, clients/individuals/patients, staff, facilities and other resources.    

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand Fire Prevention week and month
  • Review the NFPA website resources
  • OSHA requirements for Emergency Action Plan
  • OSHA requirements for Fire Protection Plan
  • Provide sample policies/procedures to assist in further developing and refining your fire safety controls

Facilities staff, HR, Safety Committee members, Managers/Supervisors, etc. who are tasked with assuring your operations are protected from fire hazards, and anyone who has a stake in decreasing your company’s losses or potential for loss.

Kathy Marek-Bissonnette, CSP, Senior Loss Control Consultant, Workers’ Compensation Trust