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Safety Solutions: Winter Is Coming Are You Prepared?

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The winter months bring on a new set of safety challenges for employers and employees. From slips and falls to driving in inclement weather, organizations must be ready to face these challenges and pre-plan and address winter safety. This webinar will provide information to help prevent and reduce injuries and incidents during the winter months; from slips, trips and falls, exposure to cold, injuries due to snow removal and winter driving. Winter hazards will be identified and methods to protect employees who may be exposed. 

Winter The program will provide information to help identify winter weather hazards and methods to protect employees who may be exposed.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Review workplace hazards faced by employees during the winter season
  • Define hypothermia and frostbite and to recognize the signs and symptoms
  • Identify cold weather hazards and controls to help prevent injuries
  • Provide information on safe winter driving
  • Review potential policies that could reduce workplace injuries

Employers and employees where job tasks require them to be exposed to winter weather conditions including supervisors, maintenance/operations/facility workers as well as employees who must drive as part of their job.

Sandra Adams-Brophy RN, RS,  Senior Loss Control Consultant, Workers' Compensation Trust