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Improving Your Accident Investigations

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Most companies do some level of Accident Investigation (AI) following an incident; some may be a formal, scripted process and others a more informal discussion and follow up by a supervisor or HR.  However, based on our experience in Loss Control, there are some improvements that can be made to almost all the AIs we review.  In this newly revised program, we’ll look at the Trust’s (and quite possibly your) top 3 loss sources and through that lens we’ll review the components of both ‘good’ and ‘poor’ investigations.  We’ll work through some examples to determine how do we really get to the root cause, what other contributing factors we should consider, how can we make the process more effective, etc. to help you further refine and improve your AI program with the ultimate goal of preventing and reducing employee injuries and illnesses.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Review/develop/refine your AI program.
  • Understand the AI basics – who, when, how, etc. the AI should be done.
  • Steps to conduct a thorough accident investigation – getting to the root cause (and other contributing causes).
  • How to develop appropriate, effective corrective actions.
  • Make a plan for following up.
  • Provide forms and resources to further enhance or develop your program.

HR, Safety Committee members, Managers/Supervisors, etc. who are tasked with conducting AI’s, and anyone who has a stake in decreasing your company’s losses.

Kathy Marek-Bissonnette, CSP,  Senior Loss Control Consultant, Workers' Compensation Trust