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Preventing Heat Stress


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Heat illnesses can affect anyone, regardless of age or physical condition.  As the heat index rises  there is a much higher risk for heat-related illness so employers must take additional measures to protect workers. Hazardous heat exposure can occur indoors or outdoors and during any season if the conditions are right, not only during heat waves. This webinar taught by Trust staff will review OSHA’s Heat Illness Prevention campaign which educates employers and workers on the dangers of working in the heat. Millions of workers and employers have learned how to protect workers from heat exposures.  Their safety message comes down to three key words: Water. Rest. Shade.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the dangers that working in extreme heat can cause
  • Understand what you can do to keep workers safe while working in the heat 
  • Learn the elements of an effective Heat Illness Prevention Plan

Employees who work outdoors

Donna Santamaria, MS, Senior Loss Control Consultant, Workers' Compensation Trust