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Working from Home Safely

Cost: Free to Members and Self-Insured Clients

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During these challenging times, many staff are working from home in various locations – some in an office, some on the kitchen table, some in a hall, family room or even a bedroom.  It can be difficult to find a location with adequate space, internet connectivity, heating/cooling, lighting, quiet, lack of distractions, etc.  This FREE webinar will provide members information to help develop a work from home policy/procedure and also to help staff find and set up their home workspace to maximize productivity.  We’ll provide several checklists and resources to address hazards and challenges including electrical, internet, storage, pets, family, lighting, workstation ergonomics, etc. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a work from home policy/procedure
  • Identify potential hazards in the home work environment
  • Choose a location in the home that provides the least hazards
  • Set up your home workstation ergonomically to help you be more comfortable, happy and productive
  • Understand how and where to get help

Anyone working from home, or supervising employees that work from home.

Kathy Marek-Bissonnette, CSP, Senior Loss Control Consultant, Workers' Compensation Trust