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ADA and FMLA: An Advanced Program for Employers

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Taught by attorneys from Letizia, Ambrose & Falls, P.C., Attorney Heidi Lane, from the State of Connecticut and Attorney Anthony Pantuso of the Pantuso Law Firm, this seminar will help employers understand their responsibilities related to all types of personal, legal, medical and disability-related leaves, including where the laws intersect and overlap, as well as various light-duty work obligations. Heidi will review the changes in the FMLA regulations. As an added benefit, a panel discussion will allow attendees to ask specific questions and receive feedback from the panelists. 

Employer’s ADA Obligations As They Relate To Various Absences And Leaves
Phyllis M. Pari, Senior of Counsel, Letizia, Ambrose & Falls, PC
Attorney Pari will address workplace issues that arise under the ADA, including leave obligations, transfer to available work, the interactive process, the removal of non-essential job tasks and other accommodations for the disabled worker including the NEW ADA accommodation leave requirements.

Look at Connecticut’s FMLA And The Paid Sick Leave Law
Attorney Heidi Lane, Connecticut Department of Labor
Attorney Lane will provide insight on how to avoid an FMLA complaint and how to respond to a FMLA complaint filed with the Department of Labor. She will also discuss issues regarding the Paid Leave Sick law.

The Other Leave Laws: Pregnancy Disability Leaves, WC Leaves And Light Duty Work, Personal Leaves and Paid Time Off
John M. Letizia, Attorney & Managing Partner, Letizia, Ambrose & Falls, PC
Attorney Letizia will cover the other laws and legal obligations related to leave of absence, light duty work and personal leaves including their interplay with the NEW ADA accommodation leave requirements.

Discharging An Employee Who Is On ADA, Personal, Workers’ Compensation or Other Leave
John M. Letizia, Attorney & Managing Partner, Letizia, Ambrose & Falls, PC
Attorney Letizia will address an employer’s right to discharge an employee who is: 1) on an extended modified work accommodation; or 2) out of work due to a work or non-work related injury or illness.

Panel Discussion with Questions: The Perspective of the Government, an Employee's Attorney and an Employer's Attorney
Attorney Heidi Lane - Government's Perspective
Attorney Anthony J. Pantuso - Employee's Attorney
Attorney John M. Letizia - Employer's Attorney

Anyone responsible for the oversight, management of or policies regarding absences, work leaves or accommodations of any kind, including FMLA, ADA, workers’ compensation, pregnancy disability and others.

This course has been approved for 5.5 CEUs by LeadingAge CT