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Managing Your Return to Work Program

Workers' Compensation Trust, 47 Barnes Industrial Road South, Wallingford, CT 06492 (203) 678-0123

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Cost: Free to Members
Self-Insured Client: $50 per person

This program provides specific information and material for Trust members to develop and implement an effective Return To Work policy and procedure. In addition, this program will assist with understanding the role of the medical provider and understanding how to interpret and use the information found on a Work Status Report. This information is designed to assist our members with reducing the impact of an employee’s injury. Attendees will learn how to foster a workplace that accommodates work related injuries and assures that injured workers minimize lost time. It will define why keeping injured workers at work is best practice; best for the worker, best for your company, and best for your operations as employers who do not accommodate RTW face increased Workers’ Compensation costs, negative claims experience, and malingering employee injuries. This program will also provide insight as to what to do when you have exhausted opportunities to accommodate and recovery is not forthcoming. You will also learn how to build an effective Return To Work Program and incorporate this mindset into your work practices. Taught by the Trust’s dedicated Return To Work Specialist, attendees will be guided  through the ins-and-outs of the Return To Work arena.

 Learning Outcomes: 

  • Understand the components of an effective Return to Work Program
  • Understand the role of the First Treatment Center
  • Understand how to design work opportunity around work restrictions
  • Understand how RTW programs serve our members, as described by our members
  • Take back to the organization resources to assist with program implementation 

Administrators, Human Resources, Supervisors, and Managers

Robb D. Wright, OTR/L
RTW Specialist/Managed Care Manager, Workers' Compensation Trust
Robb is known to the Connecticut community for over 25 years specific to the labor and industry and the worker’s compensation arena as it relates to understanding and preventing work place injuries. Additionally, Robb is known for his contribution to rehabilitation arena as an Occupational Therapist providing Functional Capacity Evaluations, Work Station Evaluations, Defining/Determining means of Reasonable Accommodation, ADA compliant Job Descriptions, Safe Work Practice Programs, Ergonomics and other industry specific consulting.  Prior to joining the Trust, Robb owned and operated a successful business.  Robb brings his many years of technical and practical expertise to assist Trust member’s with their return to work programs.  Robb is a registered and State of Connecticut licensed Occupational Therapist.  Robb received his education from the University of Puget Sound with a Bachelor’s of Science degree and a Certificate in Occupational Therapy.  Robb has collaborated on the Occupational Therapy Interventions text book specific to the chapter on ‘work,’ lectured nationally on the topic of Functional Capacity Evaluations and locally on given topics associated with Return to Work efforts.

This course has been approved for 2.75 CEUs by LeadingAge CT