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Insurance Coverage: Essential Knowledge for Purchasing Decisions

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Protect Your Organization's Assets

Cost: Members $100 per person
Self-Insured Clients $200 per person

Come learn what you need to know. Taught by Ed Meaney, CPCU,  Trust Academy, these classes are designed to provide executives with the information necessary to make informed decisions about purchasing commercial insurance. Choose the classes which will increase your knowledge and ensure your organization is protected. 

Protect Your Organization's Assets

Do you have volunteers or leased workers? Are they covered? What about temporary employees, what are the coverages needed and how to you "vet" organizations from which you get temporary workers? What is covered in an insurance audit and why? What is 3A coverage and do you need it? Workers' Compensation coverage is more than basic coverage for your workers. Find out what you need to have in place to make sure you are protected.

Workers' Compensation 

  • Audits, Coverage, Subrogation, Volunteers
  • Alternative employer endorsement
  • Leased employees, Temps
  • Limited 3A coverage
  • Independent contracts
  • Rating


  • Money orders, counterfeit & paper currency
  • Inside the premises - theft
  • Outside the premises
  • Forgery or altercation
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Computer fraud

Administrators, CEO’s, COOs, CFOs, Senior Management and HR Managers.

Ed Meaney, Trust Academy Coordinator, Workers' Compensation Trust
Ed Meaney, CPCU of Think Beyond, LLC has over 42 years experience in the insurance industry and has taught at: University of New Haven, Southern Connecticut State University, Hartford Graduate Center and the American Institutes. He also served as the Educational Director for Independent Insurance Agents of Connecticut for over 5 years. Ed is an active member in the Society of CPCU as well as a member of the Hartford chapter of the Professional Liability Underwriters for over 14 years.

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